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  •   19 Dec, 2018

Tibetan Parents meet with Teachers

Tibetan Parents meet with Teachers.

An excursion of an unusual nature was experienced by the Wellbeing Team and teachers from Chatswood Intensive English Centre who met with parents from the Dee Why Tibetan community.

The meeting was organised by the Tibetan SLSO, Sonam Lhamo, and the Wellbeing team at Chatswood Intensive English Centre. The purpose of the meeting was to share information and insights into the cultural differences between the way Tibetan and Australian students learn.

The parents were also interested to find out more about the subjects their children were learning, how teachers teach in Australian classrooms, school expectations, and of course discipline.  The Tibetan parents believe the teaching styles (strategies?) used in New South Wales schools encouraged their children to become more independent learners and critical thinkers, skills the parents believe are important for success in Australia.

A traditional lunch was shared between teachers and the Tibetan parents. The Wellbeing team found the meeting very useful and look forward to using their new understanding to inform their teaching approaches and enhance the school’s relationship with the Tibetan community.