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  •   16 Oct, 2020

Collaborative Press Exhibition

Congratulations to all students who have participated in the Collaborative Press exhibition at Gallery Lane Cove, including: Jansen Dalumpines, Nicole Li, Jenisha Lie, Shelley Liu, Ria Saini, Ashley Sun, Anniki Tang, Melissa Wang, Ophelia Wong, Steven Wu, Paridhi Bansal, Melissa Chatkajonkiat, Alisa Crotty, Raya Fattahi Moein, Emma Gooervich, Cherryl Grover, Juliet Harding, Monique Huynh, Patrick Wills, Jasmine Yuen, Levi Hill, Anni Huang, Maria Al Kousi, Imogen Ladmore, Nina Moria, Sarah Muir, Yan Ohannessian, Mako Abe and Lucy Cheng.

The exhibition showcases a range of printmaking process and ways in which students have created inter-school collaborations and intra-school collaborations.

The below link will take you to the virtual tour of Collaborative Press at Gallery Lane Cove. The exhibition showcases collaborative printmaking from Yr 7 - Yr 12 students. The exhibition includes a range of printmaking approaches including zinc etching, copper etching, solar plate etching, lino cut, monoprint, multiple plate etchings and a number of collaborative projects. In addition to these works, the exhibition provides an opportunity for 25 young talented artists to engage in a Print Exchange Program. In doing so, students create an edition of 25 prints and gift one print to each participating artist. Subsequently, students learn to edition a print, learn about a range of printmaking approaches by other artists and begin building their own art collection. The project between Mackellar Girls Campus and Chatswood High School was a very exciting opportunity for students to build their confidence and art making practice so that students could exhibit their works in a professional gallery.

Collaborative Press at Gallery Lane Cove