The world of mathematics introduces students to the infinite possibilities of life. Our highly skilled staff lead our students on a journey which not only provides them with invaluable life skills but fosters the development of scientific thought. The basic components of numeracy, algebra, geometry, measurement, statistics and problem solving are the foundations of mathematical study in Years 7 and 8.

Stage 6 (Year 11) Levels offered for Preliminary study are Extension 1, Mathematics and General Mathematics. Students should choose a Mathematics  course suited to their ability and interest. It is critical that students consult their Mathematics teachers in order to determine which course suits them.  Extension 2 Mathematics may be available in Year 12 to students who studied Extension 1 Mathematics in the Preliminary year and continue to do so in the HSC year.  (Students achieving results over 80% in Extension 1 will be invited to enter Extension 2, other students may apply.)

Maths Scope & Sequence

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