Healthy Eating

Successful students need to keep not only their minds active but also their bodies sustained.
Our Canteen has a strong focus on healthy eating and supplies students and staff with a wide variety of nutritional and tasty foods prepared fresh each day. The Canteen opens for breakfast, recess and lunch.

The menu is updated twice each year for summer and winter, and can be found here or on the P&C website, Additionally, orders can be made using the instructions below:

The Canteen is operated by the P&C, with a paid manager and staff, supplemented by parent volunteers. If you would like to become involved in this highly important and valuable part of Chatswood High School either as a volunteer during the day or on the P&C sub-committee, please:

-     complete the 'Get Involved' online form on the P&C website

-     contact Maureen, our Canteen Manager on 9419 3611, ext.129 (school hours)